Qualities Needed
By On Site Apartment Managers

  • The willingness to learn everything possible about the profession of managing apartment buildings. This means taking classes, training courses, and reading materials supplied from time to time by our company.

  • Having respect for the law. This means learning and complying with all of the legal requirements placed on property managers and landlords.

  • Being conscious of safety and security risks at all times and promptly communicating known risks to management in writing.

  • Being reliable. People are either reliable or unreliable. There are no degrees of reliability. An on-site property manager must be reliable. The building owner, management firm, and tenants are all relying on the on-site manager to perform his or her duties.

  • The willingness and ability to work flexible hours. Emergencies occur with all properties and prospective renters may show up when it is least convenient. Consequently, flexibility is critically important.

  • Computer skills are required. On-site managers must be able to send emails, complete fill in the blanks standard form letters, and complete routine management reports.

  • The ability to handle emergencies calmly while under pressure. Plumbing problems, roof leaks, injuries, and unhappy tenants are all situations that on-site apartment managers must deal with from time to time. As a manager, you must be able to maintain a level head and make the correct decisions while under pressure. While you will receive excellent training and backup by the firm, you are on the front line and must perform.

  • You must be committed to service. This is an attitude that should be developed by all members of our team. Our purpose is to provide professional service to the owners of the apartment buildings we manage and to the residents who make these buildings their homes.

  • The disposition to treat every tenant with respect, kindness, patience, and in a polite manner at all times, even when difficult.

  • You must be willing and able to follow all company policies and procedures until such time as they may be changed. In this regard, your suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

Pacific Apartment Management