How a Dime Can Save You Thousands

Not only do tenant representatives protect their clients, tenant reps nearly always save their clients' money. Even what appears to be a small saving, can add up to significant dollars. This is illustrated in the chart below. See what 10 cents or 25 cents per square foot saved really means:


Amount Saved PSFFor Each 1,000 SFFor Each 2,500 SFFor Each 1,000 SFFor Each 2,500 SF
Per MonthPer Month5 Years5 Years
10 ¢$100.00$250.00$6,000$15,000
25 ¢$250.00$625.00$15,000$37,500


As you can see, the savings add up fast. If you sign a lease for more than 5 years, the savings increase proportionally.


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