FAQ for Owners of Commercial Buildings


How long has your company been in business?

The company was founded in 1987.


If we hire your firm to manage our commercial property, can we continue to use our existing leasing agent?

Absolutely. We will work with any commercial leasing company that you use.


What is your rent collection policy?

Rents are prorated so they are always due on the first day of the month. We generally allow a three-day grace period before a late fee is charged. We will deliver a three-day notice to pay or quit by the fifth day of the month if the rent is not paid.


Who handles evictions for your company?

It’s is extremely rare that we are required to evict a tenant. If it becomes necessary, we use outside legal counsel that has expertise in landlord-tenant law. If you have an attorney that you prefer, we will utilize that attorney.


Do you use licensed contractors for all work?

We use licensed contractors for jobs of $500 or more as required by law, but often use handymen to do smaller jobs in order to save our clients money. Many handymen are equally skilled as licensed contractors, and sometimes even more skilled, while charging less. All workers are required to have a business license, workers compensation insurance for their employees, and liability insurance.


Will you use vendors and contractors that I select?

Yes, assuming they are available to provide quality service when needed by your tenants and have a contractors license if required by law. They must also provide proof of insurance like all workers that perform maintenance services on properties we manage.


Will you call me before spending money for maintenance at my property?

We will call you if the work is discretionary. If the work required is not discretionary, we will promptly send a qualified contractor or handyman to perform the required work. California laws are very strict and favor tenants over landlords. Our goal is to make certain that your property meets all legal requirements. For items up to $500, we expect that you will trust our good judgment in dealing with the requirements of your tenants.


How many bids do you obtain for work to be done?

We generally obtain bids only for jobs exceeding $1,500. Contractors that do high quality work at a reasonable price are in high demand and do not make money generating bids. Management companies that waste the time of contractors find that the best contractors will make themselves unavailable to those management companies and their clients. Consequently, we obtain bids for larger jobs only. We expect contractors to treat our clients fairly, and we are rarely disappointed because they all want a continuing stream of work.


When you hire contractors to do maintenance work at managed properties, do you add a fee on to the cost they charge?



When do you distribute checks to building owners?

Usually about the 8th or 9th of each month. Most rent checks are received and deposited between the 1st and 3rd day of each month and it usually takes checks two to three days to clear.


Do you perform rent surveys for your clients?

Yes. We generally do a survey of local rents at least annually for our clients, but we are constantly monitoring our competition.


Will you review our insurance coverage?

Yes. We have an insurance administrator who will review your insurance policies annually and will make recommendations.


If we hire Pacific Commercial Building Management, can you place our building employees on your payroll?

Yes. Any employee that works at least 10 hours per week can be placed on our payroll.


What property management software do you use?

We use Appfolio which is a first-class software designed specifically for property management companies.


How often do you generate financial reports?

You will receive a comprehensive financial report on approximately the tenth day of each calendar month, and a year-end report that you can provide directly to your tax preparer.


Do you prepare reserve studies for commercial buildings?

Yes. There is an extra charge for reserve studies which is based on several factors.


Can you track building operating expenses for each individual unit?



Do you earn money on your trust accounts?

All trust accounts are non-interest bearing accounts. However, accounts do earn analysis credits that offset bank charges.


Will my tenants be able to pay on-line?



What is the length of your management contract?

Generally for six months. After six months either party can terminate the agreement with a 90 days written notice.


What happens if our assigned property manager is unavailable when we need him or her?

We always have a backup manager for every property and every manager has an assistant who is knowledgeable about every property.


How do you save clients money when you’re managing their rental properties?

There are several ways: (1) By minimizing your exposure to lawsuits, (2) By obtaining volume discounts from contractors and vendors who know we have been in business since 1987 and provide lots of work to those who provide quality work at competitive prices, (3) By minimizing vacancy rent losses by simply treating tenants fairly and with respect, and (4) By addressing small maintenance issues quickly before they turn into expensive repairs.


If we decide to sell our commercial property, can you assist us?

Absolutely. We have investors who regularly inquire of us whether we know of anyone who wants to sell their investment property. We have been a licensed brokerage company since 1987 and the owner has been licensed since 1971.

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