Contractors, Vendors, and Handypersons Wanted

Pacific Commercial Building Management is constantly seeking contractors, vendors, and handypersons to provide services for the properties we manage. We are very aware that establishing solid relationships with reliable, experienced and competitively priced contractors, vendors, and handypersons is absolutely necessary if we are to provide high quality management services to our clients.

We have certain minimum expectations from the people we recommend to our management clients, and we make certain promises to them. We expect you to be licensed, as required by law, for the work that you do and to meet minimum insurance requirements. We expect that you will only accept work where you have the knowledge and experience to perform competently.

We expect you to start the job when you say you will start the job and that you will complete it when promised. We expect that you will treat our clients fairly when you bill them and that your invoices will be sufficiently detailed to communicate clearly what you have done. Lastly, we expect you to use your knowledge and experience to protect us and our clients by providing us with any important information you obtain when working on client properties.

We promise to process your invoices for payment quickly. We promise not to intentionally waste your time. We/promise to refer you to as many of our management clients as possible, consistent with your ability to get the work done.

If you treat our clients right, you will enjoy working with the staff of Pacific Commercial Building Management for a long time. Our company was established in 1987. We expect to be around for a long time.

Please complete an application if you would like to establish a long-term, mutually profitable relationship.

Pacific Commercial Building Management